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Decide To Sell Your House

Most individuals who entertain the idea of selling their home end up listing their home in the market. Some people take weeks before deciding to contact an agent, and others take months or even years. It is beneficial to contact us as soon as you entertain the idea of selling to start a plan. As real estate professionals, it is our job to follow the market and inform you of market trends that can help you time the sale of your home to realize an increase in profit.

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Research The Market

No one follows the real estate market better than us because it is our passion. When you decide to sell your home with us, you will have peace of mind in knowing that we have a keen eye for recognizing market shifts.

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Select An Agent

If you want a results-driven realtor that thrives by setting standards of excellence through innovation, Jesse Ayala is a clear winner. When you choose Jesse, you will receive premium service and outstanding results. We believe clients are more than a transaction; clients are the backbone of our business, and we treat them as such!

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Price Your Home

We meet with clients and discuss their goals while also acknowledging current market conditions before we suggest a list price. When we meet with you, you will receive a suggested list price accompanied by a pricing strategy.

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Prepare Your Home For The Market

Before listing your home in the market, we view it thoroughly to plan a coming soon campaign. In many instances, deep cleaning and staging provide sellers a massive rate of return.

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Market Your Home

Marketing is an art that we are remarkably passionate about. Our marketing is fundamentally different than the traditional marketing tactics used today because we do not shy away from innovation. To see the foundation of our marketing practice, please click on the marketing tab on the top of the website.

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Be Ready For Home Showings

Once we attract qualified buyers, we want to ensure they can conveniently view the home. If we make it difficult for your home to be seen by buyers, your home may end up on the market for a considerable time. Using devices such as our Supra lockbox helps agents show their buyers the desired home conveniently.

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Negotiate With Buyer

Often, the offers you receive will have terms you will want to negotiate, so it is essential to have a real estate company like us representing your ideal terms during negotiations.

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Accept Offer

Because the offers you receive from buyers are dependent on your agent’s pricing and marketing efforts, it’s important to list with a dedicated firm like us. When you receive offers, we will advise you on the best terms and conditions of the offer to ensure you are making an informed decision.

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Have Your Home Inspected

A home inspection is completed by a buyer to ensure the house is in the same condition it was in during the time of the offer. Home inspections can also open the door to renegotiation if the buyer chooses to counter.

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Close Deal

Congratulations, the deal has been closed, and you will receive a complimentary long term real estate plan to help you reach your lifelong real estate goals.